As the Night Comes to an End

Today is my last day in Spain, and I spent it reading in a café, eating tapas, and walking on the along the shoreline in Malaga skipping stones across the surface of the water. I find myself inexplicably drawn to write a blog post about it. Not about the skipping stones part, but about my […]

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Burying the Hatchet

It is 2:26 in the morning as I lay in my bed adjacent to the room I spent all of middle school and high school in. It’s my brothers room now, so sometimes the room I sleep in feels like a foreign place. The sound of our basement tenant speaking on the phone clashes with […]

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My Review of Gook

Gook was an amazing film. An exceptional film. A film that brought tears to my eyes. Okay, to be honest, I cry very easily to on screen tragedy. But that means it was done well. Spoilers ahead, so please be wary before reading forward. Gook wonderfully expresses the Korean-American experience during the famous LA riots […]

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