Am I a Bad Son?

It’s a question I’ve asked myself plenty of times over the years. Usually, the answer is a curt “no,” followed with a “don’t be ridiculous anyone would be lucky to have you as a son.” I think it’s mainly a defense mechanism, asking myself personal questions and then blowing them off in order to not […]

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Capitalism is like Mario Kart

So, capitalism is like Mario Kart. Bear with me here. Because, think about it, don’t we all know who is already going to win before halfway through the race? There’s almost always one jerk all the way in the front, cruising and leaving banana traps for the rest of us. Maybe there’s two, but there’s […]

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As the Night Comes to an End

Today is my last day in Spain, and I spent it reading in a café, eating tapas, and walking on the along the shoreline in Malaga skipping stones across the surface of the water. I find myself inexplicably drawn to write a blog post about it. Not about the skipping stones part, but about my […]

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