Deadlines and Freelance Writers

I have been staring at an empty document for over three hours, unable to write an article. All week has been built up to this point, the only actual assignment I’ve had since college ended a few months ago. Yet, I find myself stricken with a bad case of writer’s block. This deadline, that stays looming above my head, refuses to budge as I struggle to even get a few words on the page.  

I am now struck by this sickening thought: is this what freelance writing is like? Deadline after deadline with no end in sight? I think back to all the different LinkedIn profiles I’ve seen, many of them with the precarious “Freelance Writer” title, and realize that this is the same stress they’re in every week.  

Deadlines suck. Meeting a deadline for the same company once a week is terrible. School is different because these classes have preset assignments they want you to do. But thinking of something original and entertaining while also marketable to a large group of individuals? That’s not easy. 

I don’t have stories about raves or mountain climbing (although I wish I did). I don’t have exciting business ventures that have given me interesting incites on life and our economy through microtransactions. I haven’t built a cool website or a new app. I find a lot of my nights spent on FIFA with friends and the morning visiting family. It’s nice, but it’s not literary worthy. 

So how all of these “Freelance Writers” do this day in and day out is a little beyond my comprehension. The terrible part? I probably have this to look forward to in the future. 

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