My Review of Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel has this inability to let tension sit.

By that, I mean that Marvel has become a staple of movies where the focus is mainly on comedy. This was especially highlighted in the movie Thor: Ragnarok.

Ragnarok is this all-encompassing event that will lead to the destruction of all the worlds. It is literally doomsday. This movie, therefore, should have had the gravitas and weight of absolute impending doom.

And, don’t get me wrong, there were moments of it. Hylla literally butchered the entire Asgardian army. Hundreds if not thousands died within a course of minutes. She killed three of The Warriors Four, characters we have come to recognize over the last two movies. Yet, when they died, I didn’t really feel anything. It was like the tension of the moment, which should have left me on the brink of my seat, just sort of fizzled away. A tense moment is led by a quick quip or a funny one-liner.

Marvel is almost afraid to let the audience get worried and scared. As if that would scare them away.

Don’t get me wrong, Thor: Ragnarok was a good movie. Taiki Waititi definitely made it the best Thor movie in the franchise. The music was excellent, the storytelling wasn’t the worst that I have seen, and the redemption cycle was definitely a strong point. As far as third cycle movies go, that’s pretty good.

But there was still something missing. Some of the jokes fell flat and the characters, while lively, could be forgotten. Not only that, I feel like so much of the backstory was just glossed over.

Wait. Odin was actually a raging lunatic who slaughtered whole worlds to get his wealth and power?

Wait. He has a crypt of undead soldiers even though he knew Hylla could revive them with the eternal fire?

Wair. Thor ISN’T MAD?

I would be furious to learn that my dad was actually a psychopath (although he should’ve gathered that when he found out Loki was a frost giant who was kidnapped from his home to act as a liaison). I don’t think Thor ever grew in this movie. Loki did, sure. But what about the title character? Why isn’t there more depth to a god? He should have been furious. He should have had a character arc of disbelief and betrayal. Instead, he flaunts on to be a hero.

It’s the one thing that really peeves me off about the Marvel movies. However, after taking a look at the new Infinity Wars trailer, I have a feeling that they’ll be working on the whole lack-of-tension part.

Here’s to a hopeful future.

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