Using GoFundMe as a Lifeline

It has almost become common place for families to use GoFundMe to pay for sudden medical costs. Like the mother who starts a page for their sons cancer treatments, or the son who needs to pay for their fathers kidney transplant. Sometimes they are successful, and you’ll read on the news about how “faith in humanity has been restored” thanks to the kindhearted donations of Americans all over the country.

Which is ridiculous.

Not that people are helping out fellow people cope with stifling medical costs, but that they have to. Either these people get the money from charitable souls, or they DIE.

What. The. Fuck?

Are we that scared of “socialism” that we’d rather let a family die if they can’t scour up the money. Opening a GoFundMe page is basically getting down on your knees and begging for money.

For crying out loud, this is basically a form of socialism. Everyone getting together and helping out their fellow person. Except, in this case, quite a lot of people get thrown by the wayside and forgotten.

Using GoFundMe as an acceptable lifeline is a gross way to continue giving complete control over corporate identities that can afford to let people die because, for them, people are just dollar signs. Are you worth our money? No? Then I guess you’re shit out of luck.

Americans need to get over their fear – which was brought upon by years of propaganda – of socialism and learn that an extra 0.5% of your tax can literally save thousands of lives. Not metaphorically, but literally. Your $10 a year can mean that a child in Kansas gets open heart surgery, or the MTA worker gets his knee replaced.

Are we really valuing a few dollars over the lives of people? Have we really fallen that low?

But when we choose to donate, suddenly we’re fucking angels.

Your money is not worth the blood of others. Not by a long shot.

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