Life is Like Waiting at a Bus Stop, or so I’ve been told

I’ll explain what I was told in the best way possible:

Life is like waiting at a bus stop. You’re obviously going to take in everything around you, whether it’s the movie theatre telling you there’s a brand new screening or a crackhead overdosing on that park bench across the street. But you’d never want to take a part in all of that.

Why? Because you’re waiting for the bus. After all, you wouldn’t want to go watch that movie, which may be cool, but then miss that bus. The bus’s destination, mind you, will be a hundred times cooler than the movie (or the crack). So why would you waste your time fiddling your thumbs with these distractions when your sight should be trained on the road so that you don’t miss your bus.

But remember, the bus won’t take you to your destination if you don’t pay the toll. This bus takes more than just a metro card. It requires your prayer and devotion. You can’t take part in all those activities around the bus stop and hope to hop on the last bus, because you won’t have the toll. No, you’ll need unending faith and triumph over trials.

By now I’m sure you know that the bus is an extended metaphor for death, which takes you to the destination of heaven. But as I was being told this metaphor, I began to wonder. Why would I wait for a destination I’ve never seen? Cross that, a destination NO ONE has seen? You might as well offer me an imaginary candy bar I could have after I keel over.

I have such a hard time believing in heaven because there’s never been any proof about it. No one has come back and told me that they’ve seen it. And if they could, how could they prove it? People have managed to convince themselves to stay at the bus stop with the hope that the imagined destination will be better than what’s around the stop. But what if it isn’t?

That’s a pretty scary idea. That we live our lives worshipping for something that doesn’t exist. I think people stick so vehemently to their ideals because the alternative is too terrifying to consider. That this cracked up world we live in is all we have to look forward to.

I get the appeal of an all powerful, omniscient deity. I’d rather leave fate up to someone else as well. Although, I think if I believed in higher powers, I’d always be looking to place the blame on something else. Of course, I didn’t tell the guy that. Didn’t want another lecture.

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