Capitalism is like Mario Kart

So, capitalism is like Mario Kart.

Bear with me here.

Because, think about it, don’t we all know who is already going to win before halfway through the race? There’s almost always one jerk all the way in the front, cruising and leaving banana traps for the rest of us. Maybe there’s two, but there’s never three.

Everybody else is forced to stay in the middle, chucking deathly red shells and cannibalizing each other in an effort to just maybe make it to third. And why is this? Because we all hold out hope that maybe in the next race we can get first and that point gap won’t be so crazy. There’s always a chance until that trophy is swung.

Then there’s the poor sap at the end. They’re always falling off the edge or running into obstacles, but every now and then they get a magical blue shell, all in hopes that the person in front gets hit hard enough to regret their lives. Here is the peak proletariat, throwing chaos into the lives of the bourgeois in an attempt to let the middle grab power.

So, yeah, in a weird way, Mario Kart is the perfect representation of capitalism. There’s no real moral here, I just thought this was cool.

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