John McCain: The Hypocrite

Here stands a man who represents everything “American.” Born in a military family, he went to the line of duty with only the people in his mind. He fought valiantly during the Vietnam War. He was shot down and held as a prisoner of war where he had to undergo brutal torture. He has been labeled a “maverick” by his political others for his often-controversial stances against his party lines. His foray into politics was all about people over party.

Here stands a man who was just diagnosed with cancer. He fought that cancer on a free healthcare plan given to him with the taxes of the American people. We were glad to give it to him. That maverick needs to stand up for the average American.

Here stands a man who just voted to repeal Obamacare and leave more than 14 million people uninsured. He used our money to help his disease, but will the rest of America, the millions who can’t afford it, die. He claims to fight for the people but will watch as so many will have to pick between feeding their family or fending off their illness.

Here stands a man who spoke so aggressively against the bigotry and despicable tactics used by Trump, but who failed to show any spine the moment his vote needed to be cast. He will stand in front of a microphone and denounce evil, whilst playing poker with the devil in the backroom.

Here stands a man whose recent voting history does not paint him as a “maverick” but as a fraud. He is a man who now favors tax cuts for the rich and more chance for businesses to monopolize. He once placed a firm hand against drilling in the arctic, but will now allow for millions of gallons of oil to be spilled on sacred land and wildlife.

Here stands a man who has lost hope and will put himself before part. His inability to further himself politically created a shift in his mind, a crack in his psyche.

Here stands a man who has been propelled by false rhetoric.

Here stands a fake. A shadow. A husk.

On July 25th, 2017, he has abandoned us all.

John McCain is a hypocrite.


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