Our Lives Don’t Matter

A van hit a group of Muslims as they exited the Finsbury Park Mosque in London after Terawee prayer. Almost every newspaper headline to first come out coincidentally omitted that this was a perpetrated attack by a white male against a group of Muslims. They left out the word “terror.”

A 17-year old Nabra Hassanen was kidnapped in Virginia as she and her friends left an IHOP Sunday morning. She was brutally murdered and her body found in a pond. They found the 22-year old suspected with her murder. This is not being pursued as a hate crime.

Our lives don’t matter. Our blood will run thick on the streets. Our blood with fill the shoes of our world leaders and they won’t bat an eye. Maybe to grab a new pair incidentally made my some brown kid through modern slavery.

When have our lives ever mattered? Why the fucks are people so shocked about this? What about Emmitt Till? Anthony Crawford? Philando Castile? The Bangladesh Massacre Nixon just looked away from? Or the genocide in Rwanda that Clinton didn’t do anything about? Or maybe the current genocide in Syria that we will only acknowledge in history books as we wonder what we could have done?

Don’t be stupid.

Don’t think this is new.

The white guy arrested in London is being treated for a mental illness. He wasn’t shot on the scene or assaulted.

My heart breaks. My thoughts and prayers to those hurt.

Our lives don’t matter.

P.S. I didn’t put any pictures on this. It’s not needed.

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