It’s a precarious word. To some, it means that you should silently watch as people in the world commits evils while you hold your values to heart. To others, it means a Molotov cocktail lit with a dollar bill. To others yet, it means constant tweets, Instagram posts, and Facebook statuses.

A lot of people say that those little things don’t matter. But like this photo I took a few days ago, it’s the little things that count. Not everyone will go out to protest or riot. Not everyone will travel to countries stigmatized by Trump to show them support. But some comfort can be spread by voicing out outrage and reminding the world that we will not stay silent.

The poster of a Muslim woman in a patriotic hijab with the title “We the People” just sits so beautiful juxtaposed next to “Trump.” The Muslim woman represents all of us who have been marginalized, attacked, and screwed over. Meanwhile, Trump’s presidency has boiled itself down to simply himself; it is just his name and his unbelievably fragile ego.

We all stand together.

We all fight together.

This very fragile moment in history must not go down as when the US lost all of it’s bearings. We can’t be selfish and think just of ourselves. We’ve become two teams tearing each other apart. We’ve forgotten the one title that ties us all together: American.

Let’s remember that, above all else, we are all American.


Till next time,



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