One Way Road Ahead

My sneakers kick up the gravel as I make my way to work. The short gust of wind blows my tie back, slapping me across the chin before i look up. Disoriented from the sunlight, and only half aware because of the Lo-Fi music from my headphones, I stop at the end of the block. Ahead of me is a “One Way” sign, which struck me as funny.

What’s so “One Way” about this road?

I can clearly see that there are three ways I can move from my current point. Forward, where my desk and bright red pens await me; left, towards what looked like a dingy dive bar; or right, which would send me down a poorly made stone street.

Who even puts up a sign like this?

Some bureaucrat who thinks that order is the only way we people can survive. Or maybe it was from some complaint someone put in because they didn’t like that cars could come at them from both directions. That’s a level of navigation most people would rather have others handle for them.

I didn’t stand too long to think about it. Mostly because that was a sign for cars. But also because I had three minutes to get to work and I was definitely more than three hours away.

Still, I can’t help but wonder how often that happens in our lives. Where we are at a fork in our journey and we decide to go down this “One Way” because it’s clearly written there. It doesn’t take thought and it’s a road through which many others have traversed. I hate that there’s so much in our way towards freedom. There’s so much stopping us from going any which way, and instead we must go from Point A to Point B using the highlighted route because doing anything else would be considered a flagrant disregard of authority.

Everything is always about authority. Who controls whom? Who rules whom? Who has the most money? And who has the most power?

I sometimes wish these weren’t the most pressing questions of our times, and instead people worried about which of the many routes they were going to take.


Till next time,




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