A Lack of Emotional Depth

I’m always afraid to mourn people. I remember a story my mom told me when I was young about an Alim (A religious person) and his young son who recently passed. The Alim cried every night from excruciating sadness. Then, one night, he had a dream. In it, his son was struggling to swim against […]

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Manhattan and Sylhet

Downtown Manhattan feels like Sylhet, Bangladesh to me. The crowded streets, buildings towering high, mess of traffic, street stalls with trinkets and food, and lingering smell of piss. I only remember Bangladesh from the three summers I spent. If I had to count, I’d say it totals a full 8 months, which isn’t a lot […]

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Deadlines and Freelance Writers

I have been staring at an empty document for over three hours, unable to write an article. All week has been built up to this point, the only actual assignment I’ve had since college ended a few months ago. Yet, I find myself stricken with a bad case of writer’s block. This deadline, that stays looming above my […]

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The smell of curry hangs in the air like a wet carpet. It sticks itself into every crevice and crack in our house that we should have sold a long time ago. It snuggled in with my clothes and makes sure that everyone knows that I am the boy who smells like curry. I read […]

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Using GoFundMe as a Lifeline

It has almost become common place for families to use GoFundMe to pay for sudden medical costs. Like the mother who starts a page for their sons cancer treatments, or the son who needs to pay for their fathers kidney transplant. Sometimes they are successful, and you’ll read on the news about how “faith in […]

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Call Me Steven

It wasn’t that long ago when my boss at work had respectfully recommended that I use an easier to pronounce name when cold calling. Me: “My name’s [Insert non-traditional western name here], so that’s probably what I’ll use.” Him: “Well, I don’t mean anything by it, but I have a feeling that receptionists in Kansas […]

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Am I a Bad Son?

It’s a question I’ve asked myself plenty of times over the years. Usually, the answer is a curt “no,” followed with a “don’t be ridiculous anyone would be lucky to have you as a son.” I think it’s mainly a defense mechanism, asking myself personal questions and then blowing them off in order to not […]

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